About me …

Before being on WordPress I was on “u-blog” then “over-blog”, it’s on this last one I expressed myself more.
Now I’ve got this one as an archive … I would really not want to delete it … nostalgia … 🙂
If you would really want to have a look (to know me maybe a bit better …), just click on the picture below :

I’m talking and talking … But who am I ?
I’m known through my music tastes … I love music, I love going to gigs, and then for me the following step was to be able to gather 2 hobbies : Music + Photography.
I started to like photography through a friend .. it was in 2008 … Especially after my trip to New York. I then decided to swap my Sony DSC-H7 to a Nikon D60.
Since then I am adding every gadget that attract my attention … and by gadgets I mean lenses.
I still try to learn every aspect of photography … but photography just has … no limit !

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