Heather Peace – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow – 16/03/2013

Heather Peace … It’s not as if it’s the 1st time I’m writting something about her on here … 🙂
After a tour in Australia and some episodes for Waterloo Road, she’s back in UK for a new tour.
I was happy some months ago to know that her supporting act would be Red Sky July (Ally McErlaine, Texas guitar player, is part of the trio).
A mix of 2 bands that can surprise a lot but I found it really good.
The audience was mostly discovering Red Sky July but it seems that at the end a lot liked them !
Obviously when Heather Peace arrived on stage, she was cheerfully welcomed.

Right at the beginning she said that she wouldn’t perform covers and there would be some new songs too.

– You Make Me Pay

– Fight For

– My Way Only

– Better Than You

– Thank God for You

– Sabotage

I miss some as I don’t have the full setlist.
As per the new songs there was :

– The Darkest Day of Your Life

– Broken Hearts

And again I miss some … but this time because I forgot the titles 😛

At the end of the concert, as always, we are getting a good entertaining cover. This time she chose a Diana Ross song :

I’m coming out

That was a really good concert, one of the best one I would say. You can notice that the band is now getting on well together and you can feel it.

If you want more videos, LittleJuke01 has got quite some … have a look on Youtube

My pictures :

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