Tanita Tikaram, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow – 22/01/2013

Everybody knows this song :

Yes, way back in the late 80s, 1988 to be more precise.
For me it’s a journey back in my music memories, the one I was building …
When I checked Celtic Connections program I didn’t hesitate too long ! I knew I would go !

It’s now D-Day, and I see myself welcoming her at the hotel I work ! That was a surprise, good one though!
I managed to tell her that I was going to the gig in the evening … 😛

The gig is at the Mitchell Library. I never thought I would have found a small venue in it. Was a good venue for that kind of gig !
Al Lewis, supporting act, welsh man who lives in London, alone on stage with is mic and guitar.
Easy listening, peaceful music and voice. I don’t think I can find other words to describe him.
That was my 1st time I could listen to a song sang in welsh 🙂 … he’s got his last song which is broadcast on Radio 2 …

A 15min break and the audience is giving Tanita Tikaram a warm welcome. With her on stage a double bass player, a guitarist/pianist, and a saxophonist.
The gig starts and you can feel a smooth and voluptuous atmosphere coming ….

Setlist :

* Good Tradition
* World Outside my Window
* Dust on My Shoes
* My Love
* Play me again
* He likes the sun
* Science
* Cathedral
* Light up the world
* One Kiss
* Valentine Heart
* Rock N’Roll
* All things to You
* Twist in my Sobriety
* Can’t go Back
* I can’t Give you anything but Love
* Love is in the air (reprise)
* Make the Day

I would categorize the gig a bit jazzy, pop and folk at the same time.
Tanita is introducing each song by an explaning the meaning of it. It’s a musical journey full of love, unhappy love affair, hope.

I am discovering (again) this artist live, and I liked it from the beginning. I know that I would go to another gig easily.
A gifted artist with a deep voice … you just want to listen to it.

I had my camera with me, but I was more captivated by the music than thinking to take pictures …

Tanita Tikaram : Official Website
Al Lewis : Official Website
Photos : Bénédicte Beugnet

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