P!NK – Paris, Bercy – 17/04/2013


Some gigs are just like that : You don’t have to wonder if you want to go or not … you just go!
P!NK is one of them. After 3 gigs (I’m not Dead Tour 2006, Funhouse Tour 2009, Carnival Summer Tour 2010), it was obvious I would go for the Truth About Love Tour !
I choose to go to Paris as no dates were picked for Glasgow for her UK Tour !

We arrived at the venue at 1pm and the queue was already massive ! Luckily it was a sunny day !
I notice that the security guys are more organised than they were years ago and it’s good !

Around 4.30pm everybody start to stand up, at 5pm they were giving the VIP passes to the 1st ones who were queuing (so basically if you paid your ticket 300€ you will be surrounded in the VIP area by lots of people who paid only 60€ but queued early !). At 6.30pm we are finally in the venue ! I check where to go and choose to go in the middle …

8pm, time for the supporting act. Walk the Moon. A band from Ohio, USA who well deserved to be there as they were really good !!
After them the audience try to do a mexican wave, wasn’t a long one but enough to warm up everybody I think.

Suddenly a guy was walking down the seated area, play with the audience, once on the left side of the arena, then appearing on the right side in a blink of an eye ! He will entertain the audience in his own way … When we realise he is part of the show ! Like hosting it ! He introduced P!NK and we can see her on the big screen as if she was part of the audience and invited to go on stage. And then … The show starts ! It’s 9pm.

The setlist ? Too short for me … but only for me … I am happy she mixed old songs to new ones. It was unexpected but well done !

P!nk Setlist Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France 2013, The Truth About Love Tour

As usual, it was a gig that worthed the price, the wait and everything ! Before the gig I decided not to watch any videos, pictures, read any reviews … I just knew or thought she would do some moves (like on “So What” I was sure what she would do as she did it during the Carnival Summer Tour, she usually takes some things from her previous tours).
She arrived up in the air, and she kind of introduce her show. “Try” is as beautiful as “Glitter in the Air” was during the Funhouse Tour. “Sober” as stunning as always … No net or anything ! Only a wee mattress in case she or her dancers would fall !
Since she played in Manchester she is on the piano for “The Great Escape” asking us to turn so we wouldn’t look at her and she wouldn’t make any mistake when playing … as if ! But she did make a mistake but that made her look at the audience who was holding in the air a sheet of paper given earlier in the day when queueing by 2 Fan Clubs. It was written on it “We Love You … Merci”.
I was wondering which cover she was doing on this tour. I had my answer with the beautiful “Wicked Game” and “Fire and Rain”.
Her (virtual) duet on “Just give me a reason” was as beautiful as the video clip !
She will end the show with a stunning “So What”. She was just flying in Bercy, going from the stage to the end of the arena, on the right, on the left, right up in the middle of it … everywhere. A way for her to say to everybody “I own the place!”. But this way everybody could enjoy to see her closer !
This show never stops, she never stops … mixing old and new songs, calm and energic moments … She is close to her audience, not hesitating to lay down on the stage, grabing hands, signing arms, kissing fans …
When the show stops you just want one thing : Go to another one (well … in my opinion !)

Since the gig I keep checking Youtube, looking at my pictures, uploading my videos … So here they are :
* My pictures :

* A friend’s pictures : Lynet Photos

* A mix of videos (mine and some I thought were really good as well) :

Crédits & Infos :
* Walk the Moon : Official Website

* Lynet Photos : Website

* Youtube Videos : – My videosLauubill’s Videos

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