Scottish Wedding …

On February 3rd 2018 I was honoured to be a guest at John & Tracey’s wedding

A lovely sunny day at the Waterside Hotel in West Kilbride helped the lovely young couple get some beautiful souvenirs of their day

Official pictures by Stuart Kennedy for The Image Village

P!NK – Paris, Bercy – 17/04/2013


Some gigs are just like that : You don’t have to wonder if you want to go or not … you just go!
P!NK is one of them. After 3 gigs (I’m not Dead Tour 2006, Funhouse Tour 2009, Carnival Summer Tour 2010), it was obvious I would go for the Truth About Love Tour !
I choose to go to Paris as no dates were picked for Glasgow for her UK Tour !

We arrived at the venue at 1pm and the queue was already massive ! Luckily it was a sunny day !
I notice that the security guys are more organised than they were years ago and it’s good !

Around 4.30pm everybody start to stand up, at 5pm they were giving the VIP passes to the 1st ones who were queuing (so basically if you paid your ticket 300€ you will be surrounded in the VIP area by lots of people who paid only 60€ but queued early !). At 6.30pm we are finally in the venue ! I check where to go and choose to go in the middle …

8pm, time for the supporting act. Walk the Moon. A band from Ohio, USA who well deserved to be there as they were really good !!
After them the audience try to do a mexican wave, wasn’t a long one but enough to warm up everybody I think.

Suddenly a guy was walking down the seated area, play with the audience, once on the left side of the arena, then appearing on the right side in a blink of an eye ! He will entertain the audience in his own way … When we realise he is part of the show ! Like hosting it ! He introduced P!NK and we can see her on the big screen as if she was part of the audience and invited to go on stage. And then … The show starts ! It’s 9pm.

The setlist ? Too short for me … but only for me … I am happy she mixed old songs to new ones. It was unexpected but well done !

P!nk Setlist Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France 2013, The Truth About Love Tour

As usual, it was a gig that worthed the price, the wait and everything ! Before the gig I decided not to watch any videos, pictures, read any reviews … I just knew or thought she would do some moves (like on “So What” I was sure what she would do as she did it during the Carnival Summer Tour, she usually takes some things from her previous tours).
She arrived up in the air, and she kind of introduce her show. “Try” is as beautiful as “Glitter in the Air” was during the Funhouse Tour. “Sober” as stunning as always … No net or anything ! Only a wee mattress in case she or her dancers would fall !
Since she played in Manchester she is on the piano for “The Great Escape” asking us to turn so we wouldn’t look at her and she wouldn’t make any mistake when playing … as if ! But she did make a mistake but that made her look at the audience who was holding in the air a sheet of paper given earlier in the day when queueing by 2 Fan Clubs. It was written on it “We Love You … Merci”.
I was wondering which cover she was doing on this tour. I had my answer with the beautiful “Wicked Game” and “Fire and Rain”.
Her (virtual) duet on “Just give me a reason” was as beautiful as the video clip !
She will end the show with a stunning “So What”. She was just flying in Bercy, going from the stage to the end of the arena, on the right, on the left, right up in the middle of it … everywhere. A way for her to say to everybody “I own the place!”. But this way everybody could enjoy to see her closer !
This show never stops, she never stops … mixing old and new songs, calm and energic moments … She is close to her audience, not hesitating to lay down on the stage, grabing hands, signing arms, kissing fans …
When the show stops you just want one thing : Go to another one (well … in my opinion !)

Since the gig I keep checking Youtube, looking at my pictures, uploading my videos … So here they are :
* My pictures :

* A friend’s pictures : Lynet Photos

* A mix of videos (mine and some I thought were really good as well) :

Crédits & Infos :
* Walk the Moon : Official Website

* Lynet Photos : Website

* Youtube Videos : – My videosLauubill’s Videos

Heather Peace – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow – 16/03/2013

Heather Peace … It’s not as if it’s the 1st time I’m writting something about her on here … 🙂
After a tour in Australia and some episodes for Waterloo Road, she’s back in UK for a new tour.
I was happy some months ago to know that her supporting act would be Red Sky July (Ally McErlaine, Texas guitar player, is part of the trio).
A mix of 2 bands that can surprise a lot but I found it really good.
The audience was mostly discovering Red Sky July but it seems that at the end a lot liked them !
Obviously when Heather Peace arrived on stage, she was cheerfully welcomed.

Right at the beginning she said that she wouldn’t perform covers and there would be some new songs too.

– You Make Me Pay

– Fight For

– My Way Only

– Better Than You

– Thank God for You

– Sabotage

I miss some as I don’t have the full setlist.
As per the new songs there was :

– The Darkest Day of Your Life

– Broken Hearts

And again I miss some … but this time because I forgot the titles 😛

At the end of the concert, as always, we are getting a good entertaining cover. This time she chose a Diana Ross song :

I’m coming out

That was a really good concert, one of the best one I would say. You can notice that the band is now getting on well together and you can feel it.

If you want more videos, LittleJuke01 has got quite some … have a look on Youtube

My pictures :

Tanita Tikaram, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow – 22/01/2013

Everybody knows this song :

Yes, way back in the late 80s, 1988 to be more precise.
For me it’s a journey back in my music memories, the one I was building …
When I checked Celtic Connections program I didn’t hesitate too long ! I knew I would go !

It’s now D-Day, and I see myself welcoming her at the hotel I work ! That was a surprise, good one though!
I managed to tell her that I was going to the gig in the evening … 😛

The gig is at the Mitchell Library. I never thought I would have found a small venue in it. Was a good venue for that kind of gig !
Al Lewis, supporting act, welsh man who lives in London, alone on stage with is mic and guitar.
Easy listening, peaceful music and voice. I don’t think I can find other words to describe him.
That was my 1st time I could listen to a song sang in welsh 🙂 … he’s got his last song which is broadcast on Radio 2 …

A 15min break and the audience is giving Tanita Tikaram a warm welcome. With her on stage a double bass player, a guitarist/pianist, and a saxophonist.
The gig starts and you can feel a smooth and voluptuous atmosphere coming ….

Setlist :

* Good Tradition
* World Outside my Window
* Dust on My Shoes
* My Love
* Play me again
* He likes the sun
* Science
* Cathedral
* Light up the world
* One Kiss
* Valentine Heart
* Rock N’Roll
* All things to You
* Twist in my Sobriety
* Can’t go Back
* I can’t Give you anything but Love
* Love is in the air (reprise)
* Make the Day

I would categorize the gig a bit jazzy, pop and folk at the same time.
Tanita is introducing each song by an explaning the meaning of it. It’s a musical journey full of love, unhappy love affair, hope.

I am discovering (again) this artist live, and I liked it from the beginning. I know that I would go to another gig easily.
A gifted artist with a deep voice … you just want to listen to it.

I had my camera with me, but I was more captivated by the music than thinking to take pictures …

Tanita Tikaram : Official Website
Al Lewis : Official Website
Photos : Bénédicte Beugnet

Heather Peace – Fairytales Tour 2012

Heather Peace, no need to introduce her anymore here … Standing away from her acting in Lip Service, her new album “Fairytales” is now out and she promoted it while doing a UK Tour which ended sold out between Glasgow, Bristol, Bradford, Leeds and London among other places …

I went to the gigs in Glasgow and London and you can find my pictures here :
* Glasgow
* London

If you want to watch some good videos from the two gigs you can have a look at LittleJuke01‘s vids ;-).


The album is on sale on, or on iTunes.
If you want to know her latest news : Heather Peace Official Website or Heather Peace Official Facebook Page

Gemma Hayes – Glasgow, 31/03/12

Gemma Hayes

It’s been a while I haven’t been to a concert which is not Heather Peace or Jill Jackson.
For this one, Jessica and Caro travelled from Paris to come with me to Gemma Hayes‘ gig.

Jessica made me discover some years ago Gemma’s music. I always said I quite liked it but never pay enough attention I would say … I was maybe too into some other kind of music, I don’t know. But I must admit that when Jessica told me about this gig in Glasgow I didn’t hesitate and said yes to go. Was the same for Jessica and Caro! 😛
Meanwhile I introduced Gemma’s music to Helen and she said ok to come as well to the gig.

Gemma will be on stage, alone, with her backing vocal / co musician. It will be an intimate gig.
As soon as it started I knew I would like her voice and songs.
Instead of talking about it I prefer you to listen to her music …

We had this little personal banter about her so called friend Willy, who inspired her for her song “Oliver”.

That was a good moment for me to take my camera again with me …

It was a really good evening, good sound, happy to have now her album as I really like it, maybe going to this gig help me 😉
Links :
* Official Website : Gemma Hayes
* Facebook : Facebook

Sirius Plan

When you like something the best is to share it … But I never thought I would write something about it …
I would like to introduce Sirius Plan

Sirius Plan

A band with Claire Joseph, Skye et Gaëlle Mievis. 3 artists, 3 universe, 3 voices. Each of them has their own solo career, but decided to combine their taste of music through this band.
Everything is really easy at first, they do covers, but they play it their own way so at the end the song seems different and new.

To know them a bit better … one at once …
* Claire Joseph : Facebook, Myspace
* Skye : Facebook, Myspace
* Gaëlle Mievis : Facebook, Myspace

And to know them a bit better … all together …
Sirius Plan on Facebook
If you want to watch to some of their videos …

They will play in Paris at Théatre la Traversière on October 14th.
Tickets available on LA FNAC website.

Texas on a racecourse in Carlisle

July 2nd, on my way to Carlisle
I’m about to experience something I have never done before : To attend a gig on a racecourse. I must admit that at first I was a bit worried about the whole thing … but being there was totally different.
It was in the middle of the afternoon that I managed to get there, we’ll then be able to assist to all the races. That helped me understand a bit more and learn at the same time.
I must admit that because I was that I tried to get to know the whole thing, because it’s not in front of my TV that I would.
But I prefered to taked pictures instead of betting … To each his own as it is said …

My pictures during the afternoon :

The last race done, everybody organise themselves so the barriers will be set up in front of the stage as it was next to the field.
The gates open and we are going to the barriers not to be too close from the stage.
The field is then quickly filled, everybody is waiting for Texas to be on stage. Luckily it won’t be too long.
Sharleen is then on stage, the audience cheering, and they will start with I don’t want a lover.
You know you’re in a festival when you’ve got lots of technical issues, always linked to the drummer as Sharleen joked. She even started to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to be a stand up comedian instead as she always has to speak while waiting everything to be fixed.

They are all in a good mood, all smiling, you can feel it. Ally even played some bits a bit differently and it was good to listen to this new stuff.
I already liked the new song, The conversation in Glasgow, but I can confirm it now. If they decide to have it as a 1st single of the new album, it could be a hit I think.
More or less the setlist was the same as in Glasgow.

You can find my pics here : Link

As I can’t go to any of the gigs in France I will now have to wait the next tour when the album will be out … But I think that waiting 5 years to have them back was worse and I will be able to do it again :).