Texas on a racecourse in Carlisle

July 2nd, on my way to Carlisle
I’m about to experience something I have never done before : To attend a gig on a racecourse. I must admit that at first I was a bit worried about the whole thing … but being there was totally different.
It was in the middle of the afternoon that I managed to get there, we’ll then be able to assist to all the races. That helped me understand a bit more and learn at the same time.
I must admit that because I was that I tried to get to know the whole thing, because it’s not in front of my TV that I would.
But I prefered to taked pictures instead of betting … To each his own as it is said …

My pictures during the afternoon :

The last race done, everybody organise themselves so the barriers will be set up in front of the stage as it was next to the field.
The gates open and we are going to the barriers not to be too close from the stage.
The field is then quickly filled, everybody is waiting for Texas to be on stage. Luckily it won’t be too long.
Sharleen is then on stage, the audience cheering, and they will start with I don’t want a lover.
You know you’re in a festival when you’ve got lots of technical issues, always linked to the drummer as Sharleen joked. She even started to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to be a stand up comedian instead as she always has to speak while waiting everything to be fixed.

They are all in a good mood, all smiling, you can feel it. Ally even played some bits a bit differently and it was good to listen to this new stuff.
I already liked the new song, The conversation in Glasgow, but I can confirm it now. If they decide to have it as a 1st single of the new album, it could be a hit I think.
More or less the setlist was the same as in Glasgow.

You can find my pics here : Link

As I can’t go to any of the gigs in France I will now have to wait the next tour when the album will be out … But I think that waiting 5 years to have them back was worse and I will be able to do it again :).

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