Gemma Hayes – Glasgow, 31/03/12

Gemma Hayes

It’s been a while I haven’t been to a concert which is not Heather Peace or Jill Jackson.
For this one, Jessica and Caro travelled from Paris to come with me to Gemma Hayes‘ gig.

Jessica made me discover some years ago Gemma’s music. I always said I quite liked it but never pay enough attention I would say … I was maybe too into some other kind of music, I don’t know. But I must admit that when Jessica told me about this gig in Glasgow I didn’t hesitate and said yes to go. Was the same for Jessica and Caro! 😛
Meanwhile I introduced Gemma’s music to Helen and she said ok to come as well to the gig.

Gemma will be on stage, alone, with her backing vocal / co musician. It will be an intimate gig.
As soon as it started I knew I would like her voice and songs.
Instead of talking about it I prefer you to listen to her music …

We had this little personal banter about her so called friend Willy, who inspired her for her song “Oliver”.

That was a good moment for me to take my camera again with me …

It was a really good evening, good sound, happy to have now her album as I really like it, maybe going to this gig help me 😉
Links :
* Official Website : Gemma Hayes
* Facebook : Facebook

Wandering in the Streets of Philadelphia … in Glasgow

Since August 17th, everybody talk about it : Brad Pitt is in Glasgow for 3 weeks.
Yes, it’s true, he’s in town, with all the whole family, to film his new movie “World Was Z” (or “WWZ”).
Everything should take place in Philadelphia, but they film it in Glasgow … why ? Just because the weather in Philadelphia is not dark enough for the movie.
During 3 weeks, Glasgow city centre is set up as if you were in Philadelphie, and it’s really realistic ! From the red lights, to streets names, bus stops, signs at bars … everything … We’re in the States.
They must be careful to the cars as I noticed a car was with the wheel on the right side … when it should be used as an american car …

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