Sharleen Spiteri – London, Hammersmith – 15/02/09

It’s raining in London when Stephane and I are going to the pub to meet some friends … but we’ve got difficulties to find it … Finally we manage to get to The Dove, enough time to drink a pint and then we’re all heading to Apollo Hammersmith.

Doors open at 6.30pm, we’ll go there around 7pm. Checkong what’s at the merchandising (Shirts as if it was Sharleen’s dress, mugs, tourbooks, badges) and then we’re trying to find our seats … The fact that we’ve got seats attributed we are all everywhere in the venue .. which is a bit weird I must admit when you’re used to stay with the others … I won’t say anything about my seat : mid stage not too far …

8pm, not everybody’s in the venue, but Kizzy Star is the supporting act and already on stage playing.
First time I can hear Tony’s work with his band, I must admit I quite liked it.
No gaps between the songs, but the venue is still a bit empty … Ok I know it’s not sold out but still ..

Everybody will arrive at the end of Kizzy Star, my friend Fanny will come next to me as she was at the far end on the left, this way she will have a better seat. While waiting we can hear some Serge Gainsboug, and … Elvis Presley … and oh suprise Suspicious Minds ! Stephane, Fanny and I will sing along … as if we were at a Texas gig :p

On stage, roadies are working faster now, we can see how the stage will be … very simple. Lights fade out, everybody’s on stage. Audience applause.

As a 1st song I’m not really happy as she choose Françoise to start … a really slow song … The audience stay seated … but then at the 2nd song, everybody will be up !

Setlist :
– Francoise
– It Was You
– Black Eyed Boy
– Day Tripping
– Where Did It Go Wrong
– Say What You Want
– Melody
– Summer Son
– I Wonder
– I’m Going To Haunt You / These Boots Were Made For Walking
– I Don’t Want A Lover
– Should I Stay Or Should I Go
– Don’t Keep Me Waiting
– Halo
– Stop, I Don’t Love You Anymore

– All The Times I Cried
– Inner Smile

– River Deep, Mountain High

My point of view :
* Say what you want, Black Eyed Boy, Summer Son, Halo, I don’t want a lover. This last one wasn’t played the same way and I thought it was a bit like country music … not my thing …, Inner Smile, well Sharleen wearing a mid 50’s dress … not the best idea … leather suits her better 🙂
* Stephane was looking forward to Day Tripping, Wendy said she wouldn’t say if Sharleen would sing it or not …, she did well as he was really happy when the song began 🙂 . Appart from all this, the songs are really good live. We are all happy and enjoy our time listening to them, we try to copy Sharleen’s dance on some … so a really good moment 🙂 !
* I was really happy with the covers ! These boots …, so so good ! Should I stay, .. At first I found it weird but then it was ok ! River Deep…, Even if I’m not a big fan of this song, I must say that Sharleen did it really well !

Honestly, at the end I was wondering why I chose only 1 gig … Huge mistake !!! And .. I was hoping a gig in France … cause everybody knows it … Sharleen likes France … but nothing 🙁 !

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