P!NK – Bercy, Paris – 09/03/09

Arrived in Paris on Sunday, I try not to think too much about the concert … On Monday Jess and I will go to the POPB (Bercy) … It’s 11.30am and some are already waiting … but we’re going to the hotel … about 50 persons (P!NK-like) in front of the venue ! Can’t believe it !!
Our room is facing the queue, we’ll stay a bit cause it’s not really warm outside … then Nini arrives and we’ll go and eat all together nearby …
It ran when we had dessert … so luckily we were inside … At 2.30pm we decided to go and queue, this queue was 3x bigger !!! But we’ll wait … Gaelle will arrive, then Camille and Bene. We’ll stay like that until 6.30pm …
That’s when they decided to open the gates, and here we are running in Bercy to grab the best place. Gaelle managed to find a good spot. Not to far from the stage, close enough to enjoy and far enough to see everything from where we are.

The supporting act … I can’t remember which one it was … but I was easily bored ..

We’re waiting, and waiting … wondering which song will be the 1st one …
But then lights fade out … The girl next to me couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her first concert of P!NK … But this is not a P!NK’s song we can here but AC/DC’s Highway To Hell with P!NK’s videos on the main big screen ! I wouldn’t have thought of it !
Suddenly we can see some fumes in front of us … and we can see a rope coming from the top … and we are now realizing she will arrive from right in front of us !!! going up from under the stage !!!
With her arriving, we can see more of the stage … and it will be such like in a funfair !!! I love the idea !!!

I won’t talk about all the songs cause it would take ages but I will write the whole setlist with some comments + videos I found on youtube.
– Highway to Hell

– Bad Influence
– Just Like A Pill
– One Foot Wrong
– Who Knew
– Please Don’t Leave Me
– It’s All Your Fault
– I Touch Myself” (Reprise Divinyls)
Just to say that if she needs a sofa … got some at home …
– U + Ur Hand
– Ave Mary A

– I Don’t Believe You

– Crystal Ball
– Trouble
– Babe I’m gonna leave you

– So What
– Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
– Family Portrait
– Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen’s cover)
Such an unexpected cover !!! I really loved it !!!

– Sober
I was …. astonished !!! I couldn’t believe what she did on stage ! Jumping from that high !!! Only P!NK could do it !

– Crazy (Gnarls Barkley’s cover)
– Funhouse
– Get The Party Started

– Glitter In The Air
What en end !! Mind blowing !

I left much more than happy !!! Last time I felt this was for Madonna’s concert … P!NK was following her very close in my Top 10 since the concert in Lyon (Review from the concert in 2006). With this tour, this show, I completely changed my mind and now this concert is leading my chart !
See, I’m decided to go to Geneva in December … And I regret to give a miss to Nice !

And now some pics I found on the internet, as I didn’t take any … so I could enjoy the whole concert !
-> From Loïc on Facebook : ici
-> Youtube videos + blog : ici

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