Pascale Picard, Mylène Farmer, Main Square Festival, Sharleen Spiteri, U2 … and more …

Ok it’s been way too long I haven’t updated this blog … I have to be more careful … But it has been so busy … 🙂
Pascale Picard, March 13th 2009, Bourse du Travail, Lyon :

No doubts at all, I knew I would like it. I went there with Axelle, Lilia, Margaux and more …
The only bad thing was that it was a seated concert … I thought it didn’t fit to this kind of concert … otherwise the crack was good, Pascale and the band were really good too.
I have these videos .. I even didn’t remember I once uploaded them :p

Gate 22

I really like this next video … because a month before this one I was at Sharleen Spiteri and she did the exact same cover …

These boots are made for walking

One last word to say that I loved her tee shirt, and waiting outside to meet her was really good too 🙂 Good souvenir 🙂


Mylène Farmer, June 13th 2009, Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon :

I was really looking forward to going to this concert !!! Matthieu went with me, he didn’t expect to go … he wasn’t keen on going … but enough curious to go with me :).
We started queueing early .. but not too early too … At the end we weren’t really bad cause not too far .. even if for me I could see her really tiny :p :p Nevermind, the crack was on top. I even thought I was in a huge club sometimes …
Being able to listen to the songs I listened to when I was younger, enjoying the new stuff she’s doing now … and more : having fun cause I don’t know the lyrics or worse .. I understand them wrongly … even in french !! 🙂
I went out of the concert happy to know I would go to the Stade de France in September … I was ready … but I didn’t know that my plans would be completely different some months later …
Florence Foresti, June 17th 2009, Casino, Arras :

It’s been a long time I wanted to go to one of her shows. It was so so good !!!
I laughed all the way … time really flew … I even thought it was too short … I could have stayed ages ! (well not sure she would have been ok lol … :p)


Main Square Festival, July, 2nd 2009, Grand Place, Arras :

I’m going to meet Chantal, Xavier and Virginie to enjoy a sunny day with 3 concerts.
Amy McDonald : Really happy she’s on stage on that day. I never saw her life, and I really liked it. I prefered her voice live rather than on the album. She’s really good live, and I think I won’t miss a proper concert with her … her glaswegian accent … I loved it ahahah 🙂

At the end of Amy McDonald’s part I went to meet Anne Sophie who managed to be closer to the stage. When I was with her, The Ting Tings were on stage.
Was really unsure about them, but I really enjoyed it at the end.

With 2 biers we are waiting .. and then Coldplay are on stage to end this day.
I was looking forward to this concert. Everybody were so chatty about them, the fact they were really good live … all I want to say is : So true !!! There are no pause, Chris Martin is so close to his audience …
Even the rain invited itself during 1 or 2 songs, but that didn’t stop Chris Martin.
Obviously we had a dedication to Michael Jackson …
I left the concert saying “I have to go to Glasgow in September !!!!”

Cornbury Festival, July 11th 2009, Cornbury, UK :

After a week in Glasgow, here I am with Wendy driving south to Oxford for this festival.
We arrived the day before to have our tent ready and for me living my 1st ever english festival.
The next day we went to be seated in front of the stage at the 1st row waiting for Jen, Heidi and Charlotte. We spent all the day listening do lots of bands, as far as I’m concerned, the only one I knew was Dodgy .. You must know them :

I must admit it wasn’t for them I wanted to go to this festival, not for Magic Numbers neither … It was obviously for Sharleen Spiteri ! 🙂
Who would be crazy enough to travel from Lyon to Glasgow then Oxford for band we don’t listen to anymore ???? 🙂
After a day in between regarding the weather, Sharleen is now on stage … and that’s when … it started raining !!! A really heavy shower !!! It will never stop until the next morning !!!
Now I’ll be a proper fan for 2min : “Our sunshine was there when Sharleen was on stage” ahahahaaha. Well it wasn’t really wrong as she arrived on stage wearing jeans + a denim shirt !!! Her ugly dress is deep in her wardrobe apparently 🙂 :).
Even under the rain, the crack was on and we were really happy :), Wendy and I were happy to drive on the next day to Liverpool.
Some pics are available here : Cornbury Festival

Sharleen Spiteri, July 12th 2009, Liverpool, UK :
After tidying the tent and everything, here we are, driving up to Liverpool. Wendy and I will meet Frank, Delphine, Marilyne, Vicky, Gaelle, Annaick, Caz … It was good to be back all together !!! We spent a day at the pub, the pub and the pub. Drank few Magners and Guinness before going to the concert.
We were seated and did our best to stay close to each other. Wendy and I were at the 1st row and at the 1st song we were up (as usual) but somebody asked us to sit down and to wait till the 2nd song … Weird …
The place wasn’t full which wasn’t really good for Sharleen … but she was still all fine on stage. We spent a really good moment !
I even managed to have 1 video … a brand new song :

Baby it’s you

4 of us were backstage, when we could speak with Sharleen for a while (she noticed Wendy and I had a sunburn and she asked where we got it … she was surprised when Wendy told her it was the day before in Cornbury … as it ran during all her show … but if she arrived 5min before her set she couldn’t see the sun we had before :p ) then we talked with Johnny. He told us Texas would be back for a tour in 2010 and Sharleen was recording a new album.
Everything to make us happy.
When we went out the other ones managed to meet Sharleen for a bit. After a quick take away in the streets of Liverpool + a drink in a bar next to the venue we all go back to our hotel.
The next day I was meeting Annaick and Gaelle to go back to Paris … some new adventure were waiting for me in France :).

U2, July 15th 2009, Stade Charles Ehrmann, Nice :
Here I am in Nice since the day before, where I could enjoy a bit of sun, of beach, of sand … arf it’s stones in Nice :). I could enjoy playing with my new toy bought in Glasgow : A Nikon D60 as my other camera died some months earlier.
On the evening I’m meeting Sandrine and we’re going into town to eat before going back to the hotel. But I totaly forgot it was July 14th, so fireworks (national day).
The day after I’m going to the stadium … It’s so so warm early morning … I try to save some food I took with me. Sandrine will be there a bit later but as it was too crowdy she couldn’t meet me in the queue.
Around 6pm, we can enter in the stadium, it was the 1st time in a stadium for me … I can find a spot which wasn’t too bad for me to be able to see everything without being surrounded by a lot of people. Sandrine managed to meet me whereas it was overcrowded !
The supporting act was Snow Patrol. Good surprise cause I knew in Paris it was Kaiser Chiefs. I really prefered to have Snow Patrol.
Here they are, U2 is on stage … Honnestly from start till the end : no break at all ! I was waiting for 1 specific moment during the concert : Sunday Bloody Sunday. Everything with this songs talks to me a lot, I was nearly in tears !
As for Madonna, Mylène Farmer, I waited for years for this concert. I should have seen them in 2005 but I had to sell my tickets, I dont remember why … I didn’t want this to happen again, and I was happy to be able to attend the concert 🙂
I manage to take some pics / record some videos : J’ai réussi à penser à faire quelques photos/vidéos du concert : (click on the pics to enlarge them … and sorry for the quality of the pics … )

Sunday Bloody Sunday

With or Without You

Back at the hotel, the next day I’m back in Lyon … holidays are over, back to work …


Our Lunar Activities, September 19th 2009, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow :
I just arrived in Glasgow, I’m not changing anything : still going to concerts … I start with Our Lunar Activities I newly discovered on Myspace.
Wendy tells me they are playing live and she would be happy to go as well … Go ! £6 the concert .. why hesitating ?? :).
3 other bands were playing before them … but I really don’t remember them as I really didn’t like them … or maybe the last one (Alburn) but that’s all.
If you want to discover Our Lunar Activities : Myspace
Or Alburn : Myspace


Simian Mobile Disco, October 8th 2009, O2 ABC, Glasgow :
Everybody will wonder what’s happening to me. Did my tastes in music change ? 🙂
Lisa told me about them in September, Wendy too when we went to Our Lunar Activities … Anyway I said why not to this one as I had my evening off. A way to enlarge my musical culture :).
I’m meeting Claire, having a drink before, then Wendy will be there at the O2, for the supporting act we’re going for a drink, and then we’re going inside the venue.
It was kind of a huge club ! Was a good evening.
It was good for the eyes … but for the ears too … mine were still buzzing the following day !!!!
The one who likes electro should pay attention to this one 😉 you may like it ;-).
To discover them : Myspace

Editors, October 13th 2009, Barrowland, Glasgow :
One day Sophie calls me : “What are you doing on 13th ? Editors, you’re interested ? Got a spare ticket” … “yeah why not”.
Before the concert we’re going in town to have a drink … And luckily I read what was on the ticket as Sophie totally messed up the venue 🙂 I don’t know what was playing at the O2 Academy … but not the Editors for sure :p Could have been funny :).
We didn’t like the supporting act … We’re away to have something to eat and drink something in the meantime …
I really liked the concert, Sophie as well even more than me 🙂
Once again I’m sorry for the quality of the video … Just to let Sophie know … it is her arm we can see, and she’s the one we can hear on the video 🙂

If you don’t know them yet : Myspace
For the one who live in Lyon they are playing at the Transbordeur on Dec 6th, in Paris at the Bataclan on Dec 14th but it’s already sold out, they will be back on April 29th at the Olympia, as far as I’m concert I’ll probably go on March 10th in Glasgow 😉

Eilen Jewell, October 14th 2009, Stereo, Glasgow :
Another idea from Sophie, she made me discover this american woman with a celtic name.
Once again I’ll be asked what happens to my tastes in music … I can’t say … this time it’s Country / Folk and I spent a really good time.
I won’t say anything when she asked if we were using “cheers” as well to say thank you … hmm don’t know if we are talking the same language … “Cheers ! … Well Thank You ! Do you say cheers as well here to say thank you ?” Ahem !!! No comment :).
If you’re a bit curious … go and check this : Myspace

Cassidy, October 25th 2009, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow :
A glaswegian band Lisa made me discover. I really liked it. 4 guys on stage, pleasant to listen to.
I won’t be able to say much as I don’t know them that muche … But I may try to go and see them in December 12th at the O2 Academy
The magic link if you want to discover them : Myspace


I am now up to date on the blog …
Next concerts:
* Tegan & Sara : November 15th @ Public House, Edinburgh
* Kizzy Star : December 18th @ King Tut’s, Glasgow
* P!NK : June 26th @ Hampden Park, Glasgow
* U2 : September 18th @ Stade de France, Paris
Concerts planned
* Skunk Anansie
* Cassidy
* Editors
* Cranberries à Lyon (maybe)

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