Tegan & Sara – Picture House, Edinburgh

November, 15th 2009 :

What can I say ? Just that it feels good to see the twins back live !

Yep, just like that.
I drove to Edinburgh late in the afternoon .. not to keen on queueing alone too long … I didn’t know where it was but I found it easily, a line is already made … Before going there I went a bit in town … I’m queueing at 6pm.
Just 1 work : It’s freezing !!!! I definitively don’t like going to a concert in winter ! Plus, as I wasn’t sure if I would go to the balcony or not I didn’t wear clothes too warm … :-/
7pm, the doors open, I hesitated cause I could have gone to the 1st row on the left (so in front of Tegan !) … but then decided to go to the balcony … being alone isn’t the same …
Not too bad to be in the balcony … Was at the very beginning so well seated to be able to see perfectly 🙂

Astronautalis … I don’t know why but I didn’t want to check on Myspace before going … I should have … or I did the right thing … I still don’t have any answer …
My friend Stephane commented on facebook that he was really bored .. I must admit he scared me a bit …
When he’s on stage, his MacBook on a chair … and him … with his mic … here we go ! This guy is so weird !!! He was acting weird, he was jumping everywhere … Weird at first but then I liked just a bit … I even tried to listen to the lyrics (something I usually don’t do as it’s the music that attracts me first …)
When I said he was jumping everywhere .. sometimes he was jumping to the fence facing the girls at the 1st row … from upstairs it was … interesting :-/

Then Tegan & Sara are on stage and they starting playing The Con. I’m sorry for the quality of the sound on this video …

Then there will be Walking With A Ghost and I bet it stung

I had a little thought for my friend Lilia when they sang Speak Slow

Then they started singing songs from Sainthood, their last album. 1st banter from Tegan to say that those who still don’t have the album should buy it quickly so they can survive in the future … muahahaha :). She advises to buy shirts too because one of them survives thanks to the sales of the album and the other one on the sales of the shirts … muahahaha No.2 :).

Then my favourite song of the album … Hell

Then it will be On Directing. At the end Sara will take her turn to speak, she’s talking to us in the bakcony, the one she can’t see, but she’s sure we’re all fine. She tries to explain the word fit. Apparently this word doesn’t have the same meaning in Canada and in UK. She tells us that in Canada this word means that somebody is in a good shape (well I had already the same meaning .. weird …), whereas here in UK it means someone is “hot”… Thanks a lot Sara, it will be part of my “1 day, 1 new word” dictionnary 🙂 🙂 … But since then I’m still wondering if she said something right or not …

Back to the songs with Red Belt, then The Cure, a song I start to really really like !!!!
A new banter from Tegan about their musical youth before singing Northshore. At this moment I don’t know why (don’t ask me 🙂 ) I was stuck on Tegan and I can see in the audience, in front of her, that the audience was moving a lot … Then I can see a sign just in front of her, Tegan read it during the song, and then talks to the girls who were holding it. After some research I found it online 🙂

Thanks to this idea Tegan thanked them as she always forgets the lyrics of this song and it was as if she had a teleprompter in a way :). She even ask them if they will do the whole tour as it would be very usefull for her (after the gig in Paris, this idea went over the Channel to arrive in France 🙂 ).
Next one will be Night Watch cut in 2 … and I think they would really have liked not to banter at this moment …
Girls were knocking about in front of Tegan, apparently one of the girl who was quite drunk was in the interest of the security guys who tried to calm everything down ; I was looking at Tegan and I could see she was worried about what was happening more than the song itself … She asked Sara to stop in the middle of the song …

Sara will have some difficulties to play again, then Tegan cheer her up with the audience and then she manages to start again where she stopped.
Soil, Soil was next, Then Knife Going in, and Like O, Like H.
After receiving a bra from the audience, Tegan (who said she will never bring bras anymore thanks to all the donations in concerts -_-) tells us a sorry about a parrot at the airport, she saw a lady giving pepsi to this parrot was wondering that some people shouldn’t have the right to have kids even if she doesn’t see where’s the link between these 2 things … -_- .
Next one will be Nineteen. It’s so good to hear this one again live !!! Tegan asks us if we like to camp in Scotland (what a question !!! 🙂 ) then she tells us a family story about her aunts … Then she starts singing Where Does the Good Go.

Before starting a new song, new banter from Sara asking the audience to be all gentle as she doesn’t want to do the same as earlier, or maybe to wait till Tegan sings … to balance, then she said that Tegan is braver (well she said that she’s got more guts) to play in front of the audience when her, she plays with the audience on her side … At this moment a guy in the middle of the audience was making fun (well since the beginning, even before the supporting act) repeating what Sara was saying. Tegan decided to speak to say to him « You are a giant ding dong no one wants to stand near you », and to calm him down she dedicates the next song to him : Alligator.

It’s time to introduce the band, starting with Ted (keyboard/guitar), and we’ve been told he’s scottish, Tegan asks him if he’s proud to play here etc … Then Johnny insisting on the fact he’s playing with flip flops, to feel the drums better … She asks him where are his shoes (I could see them behind him) and go behind to show them. She finishes with Shaun who apparently played fun in Manchester and there is a video on Youtube about it but he doesn’t have the access yet to see it .

Then they played Paperback Head, The Ocean, Sentimental Tune, Someday, Back in Your Head, Living Room, to end with a really good version of Call it Off which was hard to start because of a girl on my left handside (luckily not besides me) who was shouting something nobody could understand … But when the song really started it was really really good !!! Tegan went away from the mic to listen to the audience who was singing at the same time .. it was really good for a happy end 🙂

Back at the car, it’s weird but I can’t stop thinking about this concert as it was really good … I took my Sainthood CD to play in in the car on the way back to Glasgow with the will to be able to go to Paris to live again this concert this time with all my friends … next time not this one …
Now I’m writing this I know they had in Paris My Number I am jealous !!! Lucky you !!! 🙂

Really good evening, looking forward to doing it again … Maybe in June … I hope this tour in UK will be official 🙂 For once I will at the right time at the right place … 😉

Here are a few useful links / credits :
* Astronautalis : Myspace
* Videos (mine are recorded from upstairs 🙂 ) : elmohelmo on Youtube
* Pictures : Faith on teganandsara.fr (weirdly our 2 reviews are quite the same 🙂 )

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