Jill Jackson – Eglington Inn, Beith

December, 5th 2009, I would like to go out, but some can’t cause too hangovered from last night, the others prefer to watch X-Factor (-_-), so I decide to go to this gig I was told some days before : Jill Jackson who is playing a mini gig in Beith, 30min away from Glasgow, in a wee local pub, the Eglington Inn.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it as I was due to finish work at 6.30pm, but I finally decided to go right after.
When I’m there, 2 good news : The gig isn’t at 7pm but 9pm, enough time to have a pint before. 2nd good news was the price : £5.00 !!! Why gigs here are this cheap ??? (for my own pleasure 🙂 ).

We are about 50 in the room. Jill jackson arrives “on stage”. Wee stage as she’s alone with her mic and 2 guitars, her ukulele and her kazoo … nothing else. The audience is mainly friends, family and a few “fans”. Just to let you know if you don’t know her, she’s from Paisley, 20min away from Glasgow, 10min from Beith … so she’s at home :).

She played 2 parts, 1h30 each, with new song, songs from her 2 EPs, covers … et some chats too 🙂 I had a really good evening in a good crack.

Among the covers she did, I did 2 audio recordings :
* Radioheah – Creep, by Jill Jackson : Listen
* The Ronnettes – Be my Baby, by Jill Jackson : Listen

If you want to discover Jill :

Long way round


Middle of the Night

Forgive Me

She’ll play during Celtic Connections (Site officiel), on January 29th 2010.
As I really enjoyed this accoustic set I bought myself a ticket for this next concert, just received it today.

If you need further information about Jill Jackson, you can find her on Myspace

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