The Black Swan

Ok, this time I wont talk about gig and music but cinema

This week I watched The Black Swan because my cousin wanted to know my point of view.
I must admit that I prefer to decide when to watch a movie cause it all depends on my mood. But I did it.

I did everything not to be disturbed by anything (no facebook, no msn … nothing 🙂 Let’s go !).

If you haven’t heard anything about this film … here is a sum up :
Nina (Natalie Portman), a ballet danser does everuything to win the lead in “Swan Lake”. She’s perfect for the role of the white swan but Thomas (Vincent Cassel) thinks that Lily (Mila Kunis) is better for the black swan.
Nina does her best to fit in this role, and the dark side of it is getting on her day after day …

I was scared that the danse part would bored me, even if I like classical music, I was scared that all the stuff with the Golden Globes/Oscar would aftect my abjectivity … But I can say it now : Natalie Portman deserves her award !
Talking about schizophrenia isn’t easy but they did well, Natalie Portman play it well too. The duality between black and white, the fight between Nina and Lily … everything is a fight in Nina’s life, Nina danse to succeed, this role is a fight for her to achieve something she’s not, so she can aim to her goal and being the best.
This film is like a music score going crescendo, as a ballet to the final point. Breathtaking at some point !
The way the movie is recorded you can feel as if you were Nina, as if the swan’s wings are yours, to be closer to her world.

Yes, I won’t deny it : You should go and watch it ! Better twice than never 🙂 !

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