Jill Jackson – The Ferry, Glasgow – 23/02/11

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011. Even if I’m really tired on that day, I’m ready to go to Jill Jackson‘s gig @The Ferry in Glasgow.
This gig must be special for her as it’s the album launch, her brand new album Back to Zero. A gig she will be able to perform with the whole band as well. It’s been a long time it hasn’t been this way (as far as I’m concerned, since last year).

The gig is at The Ferry, a boat on the River Clyde. The bar is upstairs, the stage underneath but you can enjoy the performance from upstairs too.
I prefered to go downstairs, my friend Sophie followed me later.

Jill is now on stage and starts performing in front of an audience full of fans, and her family and friends too. She even introduce some of them (on her left handside) as “her bitches”. I’m not saying that, she did!

Without any surprise, Jill will perform most of her album. I must admit that I took lots of pictures, but it’s not as if it was the 1st time I was listening to Jill’s music … it’s been about 1yr1/2 now … ;-).

I didn’t record any video … but found one on youtube, taken from upstairs:

After the gig, Jill stayed available for a while and you could have a signature, buy her album/shirts … taking pictures with her. With Sophie we went in the line … but for my part I already bought the album online so we just took a pic with her. While waiting we talked for a while with Mary at the merchandising stand, with 2 girls we taught some french and who taught us some lines from Aberdeen (with the accent 😉 ), when I asked Jill about tattoos she recommended her friend, the one who made one on her forearm … Was quite a good fun too.

Some of my pics :

If you want to see all of them : Album Launch @The Ferry, Glasgow
It was a really good evening for me … Wasn’t tired anymore at the end of the evening 🙂
You can download the album on the Apple Store.

(clic on the pic to access to the store)

Saturday, February 26th. Jill played in a local music store in Paisley, her hometown. A wee accoustic set that let people who couldn’t come to the gig early the week listening to her performing her new album. In the audience there were children who weren’t allowed to attend the gig on wednesday, her granny who find these gigs too noisy ;-), and some fans who came straight from Manchester !
My pictures from this accoustic set : Mini Accoustic Set, Paisley
Next step for me will be on April 1st at Classic Grand in Glasgow, where she will perform along with Heather Peace during her UK Tour.
Before that, an video she did before her gig in Glasgow :
Jill Jackson Album Launch

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