K’s Choise – Lyon, Transbordeur – 30/01/11

Glasgow – Lyon, 1600km (995 miles … by plane!) to go and see K’s Choice’s concert … It’s not that bad for a 2hrs concert ! 🙂 … But … K’s, it’s been about 10 yrs I haven’t seen them live all together … The 1st time, and last time, was in February 2002 …
Everything will start on saturday, when Muche (my bestfriend) surprised me by being in Lyon too, and told me she will be there for the concert too with Nini and Sophie !!! I was so happy ! I knew I would go to the concert with Céline, but it was even better !

Then on sunday, after a wee brunch at Julia’s with Céline, we will go to The Transbordeur to try to meet Christelle and/or Anou and being there for the soundcheck. When we arrive we can hear that we arrived a bit too late. We will enter and as thought, we’ll be standing in front of the band playing, 3 girls are sitting in front of the stage, we can see Christelle a bit further.
30min later it’s over, Céline will stay there when I’m going to pick up Vic, Muche, Nini and Soso to drive back to The Transbordeur.
When inside I lost everybody .. But Céline saw me, and I’ll go with her at the 1st row.

The supporting band … We were told it would be someone like Jeff Buckley … But there’s nothing in Arid which is like Jeff Buckley. Nevertheless, this belgian band from Gent is not bad at all.

When installing everything on the stage … I could see the setlist, which is half size of the page … that made me rememeber that a band or singer need to perform minimum 45min to get paid … so that scared me a bit …

9pm, all lights off … They all arrive on stage, to sit down on a chair. Sarah says hi and explains how the concert will be orgonized. There will be a 1st part, accoustic set, a break and then the 2nd part more lively, with old tunes. Like that 🙂

I don’t remember which song they played during the 1st set, but I remember the fact that when “Virgin State of Mine” started, Céline and I were so astonished that everybody around us could here us shouting “OMG!!!” !

One thing I must admit is that it was really good to hear Gert’s voice on some songs, songs we were used to hear from Sarah only. At some point we were nearly sure it would be Shadowman they would play … But it was How simple it can be 🙂 … Sarah even asked for some help from the audience by singung “love, love, love” at the end
I remember that they played Let it grow, When I lay beside you… Well, in fact most of Echo Mountain album.

After about 10 songs, the 1st part is over, everybody’s back backstage and that’s me going at the back too … but back of the audience, to finish the concert with Soso, Muche et Hélène. After some minutes the place is in the dark again and not it’s now the turn of old good stuff 🙂

This time I’ve got the setlist to help me … :

I left the 1st row a wee bit too early otherwise I would have been able to enjoy Believe with Céline … .

… And for Not an Addict, I was a wee bit too far …

It was all so good !!! We can see that the audience is full of people who already know the band for a long time, a part of Sarah’s audience was there and melted really well, everybody seems really pleased.
After a couple of minutes, the band is back on stage for some other songs …
Oops ! It’s not the whole band, but only Gert and the guitar player (sorry I forgot his name) … Lights again off … only 1 or 2 enlightening the stage .. and then .. yes !! …Shadowman !!!! I know it would be bvious to have it … but still ! It was so good !!!! 🙂
Then we had Perfect and Everything for free which could have been good songs to end the concert … but they won’t be .. the band is back for only 1 song God in my bed.

As usual after the concert the tell us they will be at the merchandising stand to sign and take picture with how ever wants it (1/4 of the audienc 🙂 ). Yes, with Céline we went too :-P. I told Sarah that it’s great to play in London but they can come to Glasgow too as the city is full of places for them to have a gig. She sign my ticket and gave me a plectrum …
It all worth the journey ! 🙂

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