Ani diFranco – Glasgow, 20/01/11

A special day for me on this Thursday, January 20th. It’s my birthday. It should be friends, family who buy you presents on this day … but this time I wanted to buy me something special 🙂
In December, I decided to go to Ani DiFranco‘s concert. Her concert is part of Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow … whereas it’s nothing but celtic …
Which is good so you can discover other artists throughout the festival too.

As far as I’m concern I know Ani DiFranco, but not that much. I listened to some songs of her but without really paying attention. But I know I like her songs, I just should have been more interested before. But maybe I didn’t do it because she’s one of these singers who have thousands of songs, so if you discover her too late, you’ve got millions things to learn …

No need to say I never went to any of her gigs, I can’t link a song to a title. I listen to them but I don’t know much more about them … Yes, I must admit it !

I decided not to go to the supporting act, I arrived right on time for the concert … on time ? But it’s only 8.20pm !!!
She’s a bit late … but Wendy managed to come and she told me she’s the same as me regarding Ani ! Perfect lol

I managed to discover somebody who’s got lots of energy and who has got a really good voice.
Somebody who talks a lot and who explains why she decided to write this song.
Oh, I forgot to say, Ani was sharing the stage … with her guitar only.

Songs after songs, I start to really really like the way she is on stage and her songs.
I can say I had a really good birthday evening !

The setlist :

78% H20
Who Is She (And What Is She To You?)
Present / Infant
Two Little Girls
Rain Check
Unknown Song
Which Side Are You On
Both Hands
Angel From Montgomery
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