Nolwenn Leroy

In France, no need to introduce Nolwenn Leroy. In 2002 she won the french X Factor. Since then some like her, some really doesn’t. That’s a choice … I won’t discuss it.

Nolwenn Leroy

At first I never said if I liked her or not (maybe because she was part of this x factor thing), the only thing I liked was her voice. Then I began to like her … more and more.
June, 12 2006, first time I will see her live, and first time I will meet her (My review – sorry only in french). Since then I have never stop liking what she’s been doing.
The same year, on October 6th, I’m going to her concert, part of her Histoires Naturelles tour (My review – sorry again in french only).
Even if I didn’t really liked her album Le Cheshire Cat et moi I never said she wouldn’t do anything good again.

December 2010, here she is again, back for good, reaching easily the top of the french charts, with an album nobody would have expected.
Bretonne is an album really special for her as it’s a link with her own roots, from Brittany.
Nolwenn Leroy stays n°1 in the charts, everybody talks about it … and now it’s even more, even abroad !
I’ve already seen somewhere online she would like an english version of her album … Will it be true ? If so, this is good because The Telegraph published something about her this morning France falls in love with Brittany as Nolwenn Leroy’s album tops the charts
In the meantime … maybe next year she will be part of Celtic Connections here in Glasgow #dream …
As you don’t know who Nolwenn Leroy is, here are some videos :

Videos from Bretonne
Mna Na H-Eireann (Women of Ireland)

Tri Martolod

La Jument de Michao

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