Jen Brister, Horse & Heather Peace – Sloan’s Glasgow

Jen Brister

An evening based on laugh and music
To start, Jen Brister, an english stand up comedian who reveals the difficulty to be english and spanish. Two opposite worlds, on one side we have british a bit too … british and on the other side spanish a bit too … loud.
And in the middle you have … French … Jen had such the perfect vision about me them ! But in a way … we’re a bit of a mix … 🙂 Always there to complain and to let people know we are complaining … or always on strike 🙂
Her show is part of the Edinburg Festival

Then Horse will arrive to perform some of her songs.


First time I listen to Horse’s music so I was really objective about her performance and a bit of a newby too.
After Jen Brister it will be the 2nd discover of the evening for me, I had to wait a bit to then enjoy her music.
Heather Peace then will enter the room to perform a duet with Horse. Some technical issues won’t distract Heather, both of them will perform a good duet, they are really good singing together.

Horse will slip away with Heather’s guitar to fix it and then Heather will perform a brand new song, Lost

Horse will come back then with the guitar fixed. They will be able then to perform another duet of a song they wrote together Beechwood avenue

I really enjoyed my evening. The Lip Service Team (Laura Fraser, Ruta Gemintas, James Pearson, Alana Hood) came to listen to Heather & Horse performance.

My pictures : Jen Brister, Horse & Heather Peace
Next one will be Heather in Edinburgh in August ;-).

Usefull links :
* Jen Brister : Official Website
* Horse : Official Website
* Heather Peace : Official Website

What’s next with Heather ?
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